Bags of Kindness: Donation For Palu

In light of the recent natural disasters that struct Palu, Donggala, we made a student initiated project to help and support Dompet Kemanusian Media Group, organized by Metro TV, which is building a few emergency schools for the children in Palu.

Some of the things they need is a minimum of 3000 bag packs filled with supplies for 3000 kids to start school. This is a conjoined project consisting of other schools such as National High and Mentari Primary to gather all these bags.

In a span of 2 days, we collected a total of 157 bags from the students of this school and 800 bags from various outside donators. On Monday, 5 of November, we will send all the bags to Metro TV so that they can send it to Palu. Alongside Primary, we collated a total of 1,580 bags.

We would like to thank all the donators for being very supportive of our project and for donating to our cause. We hope that they bags collected can help the children in Palu continue their education.


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